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Author: Katharine Holabird

ISBN: 9780670060269
Pages: 32
Description: Angelina loves to dance;so much so, that she forgets to clean and to get ready for school–so much so, that she even ruins her neighbors pansies in the process! So, her parents decide to buy her a brand new, pink ballet dress and slippers. This is the “Oh, Angelina syndrome”–she means well, ya know, she doesn’t know any better. After she gets her brand new gear, Angelina attends dance class and is more responsible at home. She eventually becomes a famous ballerina.

How is any of this logical?

I understand that Angelina has a dream and nothing will stop her, even her parents, even the rules. I just don’t see how this is a nice lesson or story for children. It’s almost saying don’t pay any attention to the people around you, behave selfishly, and you will eventually push them to give you what they want. This story would have been better if her parents had taught her to have respect for her family and for the property of others and if she had learned all of these things, perhaps they would be able to help her begin to dance.

As a side note, I also hate the campy glitter on the cover of the new edition. This book is clearly geared for young girls (4-8).
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