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Poe Must Die

Author: Marc Olden ISBN: 9781504011365 Pages: 360 Description: A half-mad, alcoholic Edgar Allan Poe aims to defeat an occultist’s terrifying plot in this “intelligent, suspenseful” thriller set in 1840s New York (Booklist). It is said that beneath Solomon’s glorious throne, books that gave the fabled king control over life, death, and demonic power were buried….

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Five, Tome 1

Author: Shiori Furukawa ISBN: 9782505005469 Pages: 192 Description: Ballottée depuis sa plus tendre enfance de ville en ville par ses parents, Hina n’aspire qu’à une chose : goûter enfin aux joies de la vie d’une élève ordinaire. Le rêve semble devenir réalité lorsqu’elle intègre son lycée définitif… mais vire au cauchemar lorsqu’elle découvre qu’elle est…

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Title: Riding Freedom

Author: Pam Muñoz Ryan ISBN: 9780439087964 Pages: 144 Description: Charlotte Parkhurst is raised in an orphanage for boys, which suits her just fine. She doesn’t like playing with dolls, she can hold her own in a fight, and she loves to work in the stables. Charlotte has a way with horses and wants to spend…

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Title: Origin

Author: Jessica Khoury ISBN: 9781595145956 Pages: 395 Description: Pia has grown up in a secret laboratory hidden deep in the Amazon rainforest. She was raised by a team of scientists who have created her to be the start of a new immortal race. But on the night of her seventeenth birthday, Pia discovers a hole…

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Blue Nude

Author: Elizabeth Rosner ISBN: 9781439173084 Pages: 224 Description: A model sculpts the air with her body. Unlikely subject for novel-length treatment, but in the hands of a poet, the relationship between body and absence, pose and pencil is elegant philosophy. The model, an Israeli raised on a kibbutz who is scarred by her army service,…

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The Fighter

Author: Kira Adams ISBN: Pages: 252 Description: Junior year was supposed to be some of the best times of his life. Instead, Jace Austin lost not only his mother, but also his identical twin brother. After time to heal and grieve, Jace was able to confront his inner demons, and open himself up to love….

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The Guy Next Door

Author: Percabeth5599 ISBN: Pages: Description: “Every good girl wants a bad boy who is good only for her.” “Every bad boy wants a good girl who is bad only for him.” “Whenever you are looking for love don’t look too far he might be right next door.” Clara Wilson is your typical clichéd teen fiction…

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Mirrorshades: The Cyberpunk Anthology

Author: Bruce Sterling ISBN: 9780441533824 Pages: 239 Description: With their hard-edged, street-wise prose, they created frighteningly probable futures of high-tech societies and low-life hustlers. Fans and critics call their world cyberpunk. Here is the definitive “cyberpunk” short fiction collection. Contents:The Gernsback Continuum (1981) by William GibsonSnake-Eyes (1986) by Tom MaddoxRock On (1984) by Pat CadiganTales…

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Closer Than You Think

Author: Karen Rose ISBN: Pages: 594 Description: Psychologist Faith Corcoran is desperate to escape the stalker who’s made her life a nightmare for the past year—desperate enough to run to the one place that has been her nightmare far longer. Both boon and bane, her recent inheritance of her grandmother’s old house in Cincinnati offers…

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