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Founded in the late 1980’s by brothers Ron and Bob Lee, Country Coach started as Country Camper. They produced one of the first bus style motorhome known as the Concept from 1989 to 1996. Always, experimenting in chassis design, country Coach Corporation would end up building the most innovative conventional coach offering many qualities found in full monocoque bus construction at a lower price.

By the end of 2006, Country Coach had also become one of the best lower price Prevost Converters with a model priced around 1.5 million Dollars. In early 2016 and after producing its first coach in 6 years, Winnebago Industries purchased Country Coach. Rumor has it that the top models may be back in full production by the end of 2017. RV Buyers Advocate starts many first time buyers in the top 4 Country Coach models, years 2006-2008.

Affinity luxury motorhome


In its day, The Affinity was the top of the line Luxury Motorhome for several years and is considered by us, the best value when looking a more expensive pre-owned Luxury Coach.

These coaches hold their appearance very well and will proudly stand up next to a brand new Million Dollar coach today for a fraction of the price offering in most cases as much or more luxury and functionality as the new coach. Over the Road air and other bus style feature are unchallenged by other manufacturers in today’s market.

Magna motorhome


The Magna offers most of what the Affinity offers at a lower investment. Independent wishbone front suspension, similar to the Prevost Coach offers a more stable ride and more maneuverability not offered in most of today’s high end coaches.

As with all higher-end Country Coach Models, the Magna is made structurally of high grade E Coated tubular steel, including the slide-out rooms. Empty this coach weighs in excess of 45,000 pounds with a GVW in excess of 50,000 pounds.

Intrique coach RV


The Intrigue offers many amenities of its larger sister coaches, the Magna and affinity with a bit less sophistication as far as automation and higher tech electronics.

Power options are from 400 HP Cummins to the 525 HP Caterpillar C-13. For the pre-owned buyer, the value of the Intrigue is in the fact that valuations are derived from the base price. Many Intrigues have a great deal of options, which are not recognized in valuation analysis. A 2006 42ft Intrigue can be purchased in some cases for about as much as a Brand New Low End “Super-C” Motorhome.

Allure motorhome


RV Buyers Advocate believes that the key to successful Motorhome ownership is by having a quality higher end pre-owned coach.

Many first time and specialty buyers want to go into smaller areas that most people would purchase a class B or C unit. We believe that buyers in this category would be better suited in a mini-tag coach such as the one above that could be purchased for less than the retail price of a “Brand New” Van camper offering luxury not found in less practical smaller RVs.

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