Newell is probably the best-built American Made luxury motorhome. The Prevost, built in Quebec, CA. uses a similar monocoque construction.

The same aluminum fuselage construction techniques used to build aircraft make the American built Newell body exceptionally strong yet light in weight.

These quality traits cannot be found in any other factory built putting Newell in a league of its own!

  • An aluminum skin is securely attached to extruded aluminum bows with space age 3M mastics. This produces a smooth, rivet-free finish.


  • Body panels are secured at each seam by flush, heavy-duty fasteners that meet Newell’s high standards for strength and refinement.


  • Molded, reinforced, fiber-composite panels are used for the front-end and rear-end caps and in some of the more complex trim forms of the Newell body. These allow for the complex shapes of the Newell’s unique, advanced styling.


  • The Newell base-coat/clear-coat paint system produces the ultra-smooth, eye-appealing surface you’d expect to see on a fine automobile.


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