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Since inception, the mission of RV Buyers Advocate has been to offer buyers the opportunity to save on the purchase and ongoing cost of ownership of their first or subsequent motorhomes. Dealers are more than ever, pushing “Brand New” motorhomes at RV shows and rallies across the country. The first year depreciation on a “Brand New” motorhome can be more than ten times the cost of 2 years servicing a pre-owned motorhome out of warranty. RV Buyers Advocate can save you Thousands through our various purchase, sale and support programs.

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Our Commitment to Quality Leadership.

Joe Bruno’s  3rd of three “Luxury Homes on Wheels” provided an awe inspiring and life changing experience for him and his family while Touring “Full Time” for more than 2 years with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus Band. The 03′ Monaco Executive DS2 was purchased at at more than half off of the retail price when it was just 2 years old.

Since early 2008, RV Buyers Advocate has taken great steps to acquire a large database of Knowledge, Research and Experience to aid our clients in the process of securing the most appropriate “Quality” Motorhome that meets or exceeds their needs. We take the appropriate steps to ensure that your motorhome purchase and the process of being a “First Time” owner is among the best, confidence building consumer experiences in the RV marketplace today.

After more than 10 years of High-End Motorhome sales and personal ownership, we have found that the first motorhome purchase is in most cases, one of the largest and most significant financial decisions  you will ever make. We will work with you to turn your purchase into an investment with a significant return in memories and adventure! We offer years and miles of the experience and understand everything that you and your spouse or family may need for a local or cross-country adventure.


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