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What Type of RVer Are You? Why is it important to know?

This article is a summary of this topic and will be explained in much more detail in my next book.

One of the most important areas of focus for a first time RV buyer is deciding which form of RV experience to build upon in your first experience as an RV owner.

Because we had no experience with RVing, we asked a lot of questions about buying and RV and got quite a bit of info, though not nearly enough, we would find out after a few weeks on the road.

We were a combination of working RVers and Touring RVers.

I had one choice in my first experience. I had to purchase a motorhome or truck and trailer to support my family while travelling on tour as musicians with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

We thought it would be cool to have a motorhome over a truck and trailer. That was all that we put into research about buying an RV. We were in Amway several years earlier and used to dream build by looking at motorhomes that cost more than our house. We ended up buying a 9 year old 37 ft. Holiday Rambler Imperial diesel pusher. It was a bus to our comparisons. Our friends were impressed and at the same time thought we were nuts by buying such a big motorhome.

After this first purchase we would learn a great deal of information about what we really should have done in choosing our first RV. We actually used a more detailed approach to choose our next RV in just a few weeks out on the road. We talked about the mistakes we thought we made in purchasing our first RV.

Some of the important points to consider in purchasing an RV should include the following:

  1. Average distance we would travel between venues.
  2. Average length of stay ay each location.
  3. Climate at each venue including seasonal data.
  4. Convenience and cost of travelling.
  5. Weighing the size of Payments against tax benefits.
  6. Size of motorhome or truck/trailer combination


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