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Author: advocateadmin

New RV Buyers Advocate Website Launched

05/17/2017 A Brand new RV Buyers Advocate Website “www.rvbuyersadvocate.com” has been launched adding more exposure for this “One of a kind” service that aids first time buyers in saving large amounts of money on their first motorhome purchase. Our original website will remain for visibility and SEO purposes and will be updated over time. We…

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Motorhoming Cost Less

How do You Get the Best Value For Your Travel Dollar? What costs less? Travelling to Disney in a luxury motorhome or Driving the family car and staying at a WDW resort How much does a family have to spend to travel from the middle of the US to CA or FL. How much is…

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Touring vs. Camping

Motorhome for Camping vs. Motorhome for Touring What type of RVer are you? I have discovered over the past several years that there are more than 2 types of RVers like most dealers will assume. To a dealer, there is motorized and there is towable. That’s it! There are several types of motorized and towable…

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Big Coach – Big Discount

Larger % Discounts on Larger Motorhomes? Why are larger motorhomes available at wholesale and less expensive motorhome trading at a premium? Since I started the 100,000 mile trek with my wife and son and as a retail customer who bought three motorhomes and a Jeep Liberty during the period from 2004 to 2006, I was…

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Larger and More Stability

Tired of getting blasted by the trucks on the highway? Ideas that help overcome this issue The truck driver’s point of view is that they are as afraid of us hitting them as we are of them hitting us. That is why they put the pedal to the metal as they try to pass us….

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Types of RV Lifestyle

What Type of RVer Are You? Why is it important to know? This article is a summary of this topic and will be explained in much more detail in my next book. One of the most important areas of focus for a first time RV buyer is deciding which form of RV experience to build…

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Coach Market Values

My coach just went up in value New NADA book shows harder to get high end coaches going up in value! If we look back to January 2009, the market for larger motorhomes dropped substantially greater than normal. The valuations reflected activity from the day the stock market crashed on October 1st, 2008 until Christmas…

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RV Buyers Advocate

Joe Bruno, Founder of The RV Buyers Advocate, www.rvbuyersadvocate.net is now writing a weekly Blog on www.rvnews.com. The blog is called Buyers Advocate and voices the views and opinions of the self proclaimed guru of how to buy an RV. Bruno is excited to be affiliated with an online forum that has been around since…

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