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Motorhome for Camping vs. Motorhome for Touring

What type of RVer are you?

I have discovered over the past several years that there are more than 2 types of RVers like most dealers will assume. To a dealer, there is motorized and there is towable. That’s it!

There are several types of motorized and towable customers which I have identified over my experience in the business.

In my opinion, there are seven types of RVers. Please enjoy (with a light heart) my description of the 7 types of RVers.

My motorized List includes:

1. Campers who actually stay at campgrounds and spend time being close with nature. The average coach should be 36′ or less because of state and federal guidelines on length. The closest I have been to this type of camping is when I am overnighting at walmart, I will look for some green grass and some trees to walk the dog near.

2. Tailgaters whose primary concern is to know where the remote is(and how to use it). This type of customer is capable of putting a dealer through a great deal of turmoil after the check is written since the size of their bank account is usually much greater than their knowledge of what is is they are getting themselves into and patience.

3. Part time Southerners who own a home up where it gets too cold to stay in the winter and chose to stay at a campground near the beach down south for as little as a few hundred dollars a month. This group made up a majority of motorized sales during the economic boom from 1998 to 2007. They will be greatly missed by the manufacturers and dealers who took them for granted for too long.

4. Dual Residents with a home up North and down South or West coast and East coast like to use a motorhome to travel to and from homes usually for 2 to 3 weeks each way.

5. Full Timer RVer who will travel across the country and stay in various regions every year or so for a couple of months at a time before moving on.

6. Working RVer who will travel for work to various cities or states who will live in the coach as a cost effective way to travel VS staying in hotels.

7. Touring Motorhomers will travel a few months or more per year across the continent, usually logging more than 15,000 miles per year. FYI-The miles driven per annually by motorhome owners is 3,000 miles or less (P.T. Southerners) to 25,000 or more for working/touring motorhomers.


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