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A Brand new RV Buyers Advocate Website “www.rvbuyersadvocate.com” has been launched adding more exposure for this “One of a kind” service that aids first time buyers in saving large amounts of money on their first motorhome purchase. Our original website will remain for visibility and SEO purposes and will be updated over time.

We believe that most first time buyers are unknowingly led to slaughter by dealers or mis-information about purchasing a “Starter” motorhome! If you can not afford to “LOSE” ten of thousands or hundreds of thousands of your hard earned money in the first year after your first purchase, contact us or visit our website to learn about owning the best quality motorhomes, not the newest or prettiest paint job! You can get a custom paint job and complete renovation in most cases for less than the “Sales Tax” on a new luxury motorhome. Our new website www.rvbuyersadvocate.com gives descriptions of examples of what we have researched to be the best quality pre-owned luxury motorhomes available today for the lowest annual cost of ownership. The Logo animation says it all. You can own a pre-owned luxury motorhome

Like this one:

for the same purchase price of a “Brand New” luxury van camper

like this one:

What is not mentioned is that the annual cost of ownership of the pre-owned should be much less than half of the new van camper. Please fill out the email info on the site or call us at: 877-937-2311 and receive more valuable information that could save you astounding sums of money in many cases.

Joe Bruno
RV Buyers Advocate
email: [email protected]
website: www.rvbuyersadvocate.com


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