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Joe Bruno, Founder of The RV Buyers Advocate, www.rvbuyersadvocate.net is now writing a weekly Blog on www.rvnews.com. The blog is called Buyers Advocate and voices the views and opinions of the self proclaimed guru of how to buy an RV. Bruno is excited to be affiliated with an online forum that has been around since the internet was in its infancy.

RV News is an online publication that voices the news of the goings on inside the industry. More than a repeater of company news releases, RV News is edited by Co-founder Don Magary, who writes articles of interest as well as posts industry and company announcements of interest to consumers and insiders.

The RV Buyers Advocate was founded in order to serve all RV Buyers needs as well as increase the level of confidence when pertaining to the purchase, trade, sale, financing, warranty and ownership of a pre-owned or new motorhome. The mission statement of the RV Buyers Advocate is:

We will do our best to be there for our customers during the purchase process and after the purchase to offer support and future savings in service related issues. It is our goal to help give you confidence necessary to make the most important financial decision of your life.

For more information Contact: Joe Bruno (877) 937-2311


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